We offer our clients treatments and surgeries in the best of polish clinics delivering specialty care and comfortable conditions during the recovery. Our partner surgery clinics provide a wide range of services as well as the world’s highest standards. Health of our clients is at the hands of experienced professionals in particular areas of medicine, physicians with multiple achievements and years of practice. The state of the art medical equipment and high-tech operating theatres ensure patients’ comfort and safety. World class clinics offer also hotel rooms for family and friends. Well-proven team of specialists provides comfortable recovery. Our partner clinics offer surgeries in: general surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, gynecology, oncology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery, urology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, vascular surgery, phlebology, ophthalmology, obesity treatment, eating disorders treatment, infertility treatment, sex reassignment surgery, urinary incontinence, spinal diseases treatment, and contraception. Prices from 5,000 up to 10,000 PLN.

We cooperate with the most luxurious, prestigious, and experienced aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland. The best equipment on the market and world class specialists guarantee effective, safe, and professional surgeries in: plastic surgery, cosmetic gynecology, obesity treatment, hair loss treatment, and dermatology. Prices from 2,000 up to 20,000 PLN.

In the area of dentistry and prosthodontics we work together with the best dentistry offices which use high tech equipment and offer treatment in: prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric and conservative dentistry, endodontics, and laser treatment. Prices from 1,000 up to 5,000 PLN.

We offer our clients stays in rehabilitation and health resorts as well as Spas in luxurious, Poland’s best health centers. We propose: rehabilitation, massages, pain treatment, physical therapy, spa treatments, overnight and leisure stays, and package stay. In the health centers among others are treated: locomotor system diseases, neurological disorders, vascular diseases, digestive system diseases, orthopedic disorders and fractures, rheumatology diseases, respiratory system diseases, metabolic disorders. Hot springs, mineral, and mineral healing waters can be found in these places. The waters depending on their composition can be drank or used in a bath, among those are: iron, bromine, iodide, sulfide, and fluoride waters. A bath in such waters is an effective medical therapy. The purpose of a water depends on its composition. Hot springs can be useful also to healthy people who want to improve their skin condition as they firm it, slow aging process, hasten its regeneration, and reduce small skin changes. Thanks to the occupational therapy, health centers by the Baltic Sea enable their visitors to get full mental balance and physical fitness back. Favorable climate conditions make for quick recovery from all illnesses. The iodine present in the air is recommended not only to elders and children, but also to pregnant women. The sea air is rich in iodine, salt crystals and other elements which, together with water steam, ease breathing and moisten air passages and in result make expectoration easier. Coastal sunlight has bactericidal effect, stimulates pineal gland and metabolism. Mountain health centers provide ideal rest and convalescence conditions. Atmospheric factors on this altitude subtly stimulate body. Underground health center of Salt Mine “Wieliczka” is a worldwide phenomenon. In unique microclimate of underground salt chambers of “Wieliczka” are treated diseases of upper and lower airways as a part of so called subterraneotherapy. The practice is carried out in cooperation with world health science authorities and is based on modern medical benchmarking. Stay in one of the health centers boosts mood, quiets mind, and relaxes. Respiratory systems undergoes significant improvement and frequent infections, coughing spasms, and shortness of breath pass. Our partner Spa facilities in Poland use mineral waters, climate conditions, and peloids in their practice. Comfortable stay conditions are favorable to the recovery process. Offer of accompanying services of Spa & wellness makes it possible to actively spend free time and shape beauty. Professional Spa beauty products for individual use can be bought at the Spa health centers. Prices from 2,000 up to 10,000 PLN.

In the area of diagnostics and medical examinations we offer highest quality facilities and world-famous specialists providing services in: CT scans, magnetic resonance imagining, biopsy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, genetic, ophthalmic, endoscopic, gynecologic, and urologic examinations. Prices from 1,000 up to 2,000 PLN.

About Us

Professional medical staff

We treat safety and specialty care of our clients with utmost importance. Our first priority is the trust bestowed on us by our clients with as important facet of their life as their health. Taking that into account we base our practice on professional medical staff. Sanatoriums, Spas, and health centers in Poland that we cooperate with are carefully selected places of highest quality services. The team we work with is made up of preeminent physicians, specialists and qualified medical staff. Cooperation with the best facilities and specialized nursing and medical staff ensures the highest quality of provided services. Employees of those facilities, with patients’ well-being in mind, constantly improve their qualifications. Highly qualified medical staff from Poland is well known all over the world and consists of members of various international scientific societies and the universities’ lecturers. Doctors and specialists working with us have years of experience. They continually broaden their theoretical knowledge and gain new skills in work with patient. All of this is to ensure treatment of world’s highest standards.

Innovative treatment methods

Our partner facilities, both medical as well as Spas and sanatoriums, provide extensive and somehow unique healthcare to our clients, concentrating on innovative services of high quality. Patients from all over the world can take advantage of innovative services of polish specialists. Foreigners hold Poland in high regard as medical tourism direction as they realize that polish dental implant and vascular surgeons, physiotherapists and plastic surgeons are alumni of world-renowned medical universities from all over the world. Those people often perfect their skills during internships and apprenticeships in the best medical facilities. Studying under the supervision of prominent specialists enables polish doctors and medical staff to implement innovative methods of treatment. Since they operate on the state of the art equipment, the quality and standard of healthcare doesn’t give in to this provided by specialists abroad.

Discretion – trust, data privacy, safety

Together with our collaborating partners we guarantee to all of the clients full data privacy and safety during each step of the service. Medical data is safely kept and under no conditions made available to outsiders. The staff and facilities ensure complete discretion so that our clients can feel safe and comfortable, and enjoy their stay in Poland.

High quality service, low prices

All medical procedures performed in polish facilities conform to internationals standards and highest quality with simultaneous possibility of lower costs for clients. A lot of services carried out in Poland are cheaper by even 80% than those performed elsewhere. Patients from abroad willingly choose treatment in Poland as they are offered services of high quality at a significantly lower price. The key to the great interest in medical and pro-health services in Poland are their comparatively good prices.

Complex care

Our offer is complex and professional. Compound organization of pro-health stay in Poland begins with the first phone or email contact. Cooperation starts by choosing a facility and is later continued in organization of transport and insurance, booking plane tickets, granting full-board accommodation, assessment of medical examinations made available by the client, treatment arrangement, providing an interpreter and any additional services, and arranging patient’s return home. An Individualized Caregiver takes care of each patient and watches over the whole stay to ensure patient’s comfort and safety. A team of specialists and doctors stays in contact with the client during his or hers visit in Poland. The contact begins with qualification for treatment and continues through the whole process and later after patient’s return home.

Modern equipment, highest quality services

Our partner facilities dispose of an up-to-date medical equipment and comfortable conditions of stay. The equipment used to perform treatments is of highest quality and doesn’t give in in standard and quality to that of foreign facilities. All of our facilities meet EU standards, provide high quality and safety of service. Health centers are equipped with modern and professional facilities. Verified products and technologies, climate of the resort, qualified staff and omnipresent nature all help in recovery and return to full strength.

Short wait for treatments

The best of polish facilities offer short wait before treatments.

Individual offer for each customer

Our offer is customized to needs and financial abilities of clients. We provide an online examination (individual client panel) and services of assigned Individualized Caregiver. Our wide and appealing offer contains the entire spectrum of possibilities. We cooperate with several hundred of facilities providing a wide range of treatments. Examinations and treatments are arranged on-line via Individualized Caregiver. We assure that the price offered by us is the same as the price at the facility that we send our customer to. A guarantee of quality and price as well as a wide range of offers ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Natural resources

Poland is a country of rich history and many touristic and cultural assets. Our facilities are located in the most beautiful parts of the country which can be enjoyed by patients during their treatment. Our clients can take advantage of various tourist sites in the mountains and by the sea, landscape parks and health resorts. Our luxurious facilities effectively combine natural resources such as mineral waters and microclimate are with modern treatment methods and tempting Spas.

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